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This Year's Project: Textbooks for Smarter Students

About Our Organization

At Bishop Heelan we are grateful to our 2019 donors for our indoor track surface in our new O'Gorman Fieldhouse and our 2018 donors who helped fund a beautiful new video scoreboard in use today! This fall our students are attending school in-person 5 days a week wearing masks and distancing to keep everyone safe. 

At Bishop Heelan we enroll a diverse body of students from the tri-state area. Our faith-based education focuses on academic excellence, faith, service, discipline, responsibility and effort. It provides our graduates with a lifetime advantage.

Current Project: Textbooks for Smarter Students

We hope to raise $16,000 to help purchase new science, social studies and honors theology textbooks for our students. While we have funded more technology and enhanced software for continued learning in the face of COVID-19, we never lose sight of the critical need for excellent, updated high school textbooks. And good textbooks are expensive!

  • New “Advanced Anatomy” textbooks will further enhance learning tools for science.
  • New “Social Studies” textbooks will address historical events, cultures and society struggles that continue today.
  • New textbooks for "Honors Theology" courses are helping students learn more about their faith.


Past Projects

  • Heelan Gym Walking Track

    The dream has come true! Heelan’s $3.7 million gym will open this fall to make our new Heelan High School complete! A new and exciting feature will be an indoor track looping the top of the gym. Our project is to fund a special surface for the track to enhance safety and fitness. It will benefit all students, athletes, teachers, fans and the Heelan family. It means they will have a place to walk and run. No other high school in Sioux City offers this health benefit.


    Please help us surface the indoor track of our new Heelan Gym. Give to on Oct. 1.

  • Help Furnish the Heelan Gym

    Show Heelan PRIDE: Help us Furnish Our New Gym

    Please donate to support the Heelan Gym. Construction is underway to add a 1600 seat gymnasium on to our new high school. But with rising costs, we need extra funds for scoreboards, a sound system, bleachers for extra seating and a scorer's table.

    Heelan's new gymnasium will showcase school spirit and Heelan PRIDE! It addition to games and matches, we need a gym for countless athletic practices, physical education classes, pep assemblies, annual honors programs, Heelan's show choir competition, mega music concerts, "Then Feed Just One" meal assemblies for Honduras,  elementary school events and more. We will also welcome area public school athletes and their cheering families and fans. Our gym will see action all year and play a key role in helping our young students develop into successful adults.

    Please make a gift to help our Heelan gym. Thank You!




$10,698 Raised of $16,000 goal
$0 $16,000
81 Donors
Legal Name: Bishop Heelan Catholic Schools

1231 Grandview Blvd
Sioux City, IA 51103

(712) 226-0414

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