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This Year's Project: Monkey Tree Improvements and Upgrades

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Camp High Hopes provides fun, safe, and adaptive recreational experiences for children, teens, and adults with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and special needs. The camp is a one-of-a-kind facility in the Siouxland region and serves more than 500 campers each year. Campers can't wait to attend life-changing week, weekend, or day sessions at camp to experience adaptive activities and unique opportunities in an extremely caring environment. Camp High Hopes believes in a challenge-by-choice atmosphere, encouraging campers to push themselves and their perceived limitations to learn about themselves, build self-confidence and self-esteem, and to try new things. The camp is located on 90-acres on the eastern edge of Sioux City, Iowa. It attracts campers from across the Siouxland area and beyond. Recreational and social outlets can be extremely limited for people with disabilities, but Camp High Hopes fulfills this need in the area by offering year-round camp programs for all ages! It's also a respite provider, offering services for families and caregivers that need a break. Many of our campers call Camp High Hopes their second home and can't wait to sign up for sessions each season.

Current Project: Monkey Tree Improvements and Upgrades

This year for the Siouxland Big Give, Camp High Hopes is raising money for Monkey Tree improvements! Our goal is $7,000 and that will include adding sturdier, more permanent steps, a permanent anchor system at the top, yearly inspection costs, and upgraded helmets, ropes, harnesses, and slings! These improvements are going to increase safety and functionality for our campers and staff. These improvements will make it easier for staff to set up each summer and make it better for our campers to climb to the top and ring the bell! The Monkey Tree is a beloved activity at camp and it's for all ages and abilities. It's completely adaptable for everyone!

Your donation to our Monkey Tree improvement project during the Siouxland Big Give on Tuesday, October 6th will directly touch the lives of our campers of all ages with disabilities, special needs, and chronic illnesses. Please make your gift today so camp can continue to offer this fun and unique activity at camp! 

Past Projects

  • Snowplow Attachment and Fittings

    Camp High Hopes has 90 acres of beautiful land on the eastern edge of Sioux City. We also have a lot of trails, roads, parking lots, and sidewalks to clear of snow when the winter comes! We are looking to save money on the cost of snow removal that we incur every year. We want to do it ourselves. We need to purchase a blade and get it fitted to the camp truck. We are excited about this project because it will be well-used and will save us money every year! The plow to fit our camp truck costs $4600 and the parts and installation will cost $650, for a total of $5250 for the snowplow.

  • Spring Camp Sessions

    Camp High Hopes offers programs year-round, but the camp kicks off each year with Spring Camp Sessions. Spring Camp Sessions start early February and run through late April. Campers arrive Friday evening and stay until Sunday evening. Campers are provided adaptive activities, healthy meals, caring camp counselors, and modern facilities while they are at camp. Activities during Spring Camp Sessions depend upon the weather, but may include sledding, snowshoeing, camp fires, fishing, archery, adaptive sports & games, arts & crafts, boating, climbing, among others. The camp breaks out camps sessions by age group, disability, and care level. Doing so helps makes the campers feel more comfortable, creates an atmosphere for them to make new friends easily, and ensures campers needs are met.

    What's awesome about all of our programs is that they are designed and adapted to each camper. They get to try and do things they've never thought possible before! They can hit a bulls eye in archery, climb to the top of our Monkey Tree, or canoe across our beautiful lake! Every activity we plan is adapted to the needs of our campers. This helps them grow, develop, and challenge themselves. Through this, they are able to build self-confidence and self-esteem, make new friends, and achieve personal growth! Now that's exciting!

$1,748 Raised of $7,000 goal
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