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This Year's Project: The Hammock Hangout

About Our Organization

Camp High Hopes provides fun, safe, and adaptive recreational experiences for children, teens, and adults with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and special needs. The camp is a one-of-a-kind facility in the Siouxland region and serves more than 500 campers each year. Campers can't wait to attend life-changing week, weekend, or day sessions at camp to experience adaptive activities and unique opportunities in an extremely caring environment. Camp High Hopes believes in a challenge-by-choice atmosphere, encouraging campers to push themselves and their perceived limitations to learn about themselves, build self-confidence and self-esteem, and to try new things. The camp is located on 90-acres on the eastern edge of Sioux City, Iowa. It attracts campers from across the Siouxland area and beyond. Recreational and social outlets can be extremely limited for people with disabilities, but Camp High Hopes fulfills this need in the area by offering year-round camp programs for all ages! It's also a respite provider, offering services for families and caregivers that need a break. Many of our campers call Camp High Hopes their second home and can't wait to sign up for sessions each season.

Current Project: The Hammock Hangout

The Hammock Hangout will be a place where kids, teens, and adults will gather to talk, sing, and unwind after a busy day of camp activities. Campers and counselors can rest and relax, look up at the trees and clouds, and watch the moon and stars light up the night sky! This hangout area will be unique, a place of reflection and growth where everyone can be themselves. Creating smiles is what we do here at Camp High Hopes, and this addition will surely put smiles on the faces of anyone who uses it!

Camp High Hopes...Where Smiles Happen

Past Projects

  • Enclosed Trailer

    Project Details

    We need an enclosed trailer!


    We do a lot of moving things around from one location to another and we are always borrowing trailers, trucks, and wagons. It's way past time that we had our own. This trailer will save us money, time, and effort!


    We have found the one we need! The cost for the trailer would be $5295. This is for a 12 foot – single axle trailer, 6’ wide and 6’ tall. Enough space to fit all of our stuff!


    We need an enclosed trailer for several reasons. It would allow us to accept larger donations that people have offered us in the past, but we have had to refuse because we had no way of getting items to camp. Also, with our special events and fundraisers, it takes a lot of stuff to move in and out. It takes dozens of trips with staff members' cars to go back and forth while setting up events. An enclosed trailer would also allow us to haul equipment and supplies for various projects around camp and the community. 


    Will you help us fulfill this much-needed item for camp?!?!