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This Year's Project: Mental Health Services for Kids Affected by Covid-19

About Our Organization

Catholic Charities provides mental health services and financial assistance to individuals, children, couples and families. We work to empower them and provide hope, thereby strengthening our communities.

Current Project: Mental Health Services for Kids Affected by Covid-19

Siouxland Big Give dollars will cover therapy costs for Siouxland children and teens needing mental health services when their family qualifies for our sliding-fee scale, which is based on the federal poverty guidelines. If there is financial need, families are offered Charity Care Dollars to cover the what they cannot afford. There are times Catholic Charities provides counseling with no cost to a family.

You will help children who otherwise would not have access to mental health services because their family lacks insurance or Medicaid and cannot pay. Your gift is more vital than ever because of the significant increase in youth needing counseling for mental health issues brought on or enhanced by Covid-19.

Social isolation, school disruptions, parent's marital issues, abuse, pornography addiction, behavioral issues, fear of uncertainty, anxiety about getting sick and grieving the death of loved ones are some of what our therapists are helping children and teens through right now. 

Even though some insurance co-pays have been waived throughout the pandemic, furloughs and job eliminations have led to lost insurance coverage and lost income for many families, decreasing their ability to pay for needed mental health care.

Siouxland Big Give resources will assure help for all children and teens who need it. You will keep families, schools and our Siouxland communities healthier and safe!

Past Projects

  • Families in Crisis Fund

    Catholic Charities will dedicate 2019 Siouxland Big Give gifts to help individuals and families in crisis situations.  These crises often result in a lack of food, difficulties paying the rent or electricity bill, inability to pay for needed medication, or other basic needs not being met.  Catholic Charities offers financial support for such crises when funds are available and will always connect people to additional community resource partners at their times of need.

  • Pathways to Hope & Healing

    Gifts received from Siouxland Give in 2018 were directed to the Pathways to Hope & Healing which provides FREE mental health assessments to any school-age child. Children can be identified by school personnel or a parent as kids who are at-risk or just beginning to struggle. The goal ofthe program is to intervene early before serious problems develop. A licensed mental health counselor meets with the child and parent, assesses what is going on, and then makes recommendations. 

    Thanks in part to Siouxland Give, Catholic Charities served 321 children, 20% under the age of 10, during the 2018-19 fiscal year.  The most common diagnois for which children were treated were anxiety and PTSD.

    Together, we made a difference in the lives of kids and families in our community!


$1,323 Raised of $10,000 goal
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Legal Name: Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Sioux City

1601 Military Road
Sioux City, IA 51103

(712) 252-4547

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