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This Year's Project: Update Signage

About Our Organization

Throughout our 47 year history Center For Siouxland has adapted and changed with the needs of the community. Today, Center For Siouxland programs focus on self sufficiency and financial stability by helping people, empowering lives, and building futures. Current programs and services include: Bridges West Transitional Housing for homeless families and individuals; Consumer Credit Counseling; HUD-certified Housing Counseling for renters, homebuyers, and homeowners; VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) free income tax preparation; Representative Payee services; and prescription medication assistance.

Current Project: Update Signage

Our Mission:

At Center For Siouxland, our mission is to provide assistance, information, and direction to help people, empower lives, and build futures


Project Details:

New Signage

Our project for this year's Siouxland Big Give is updating the signage around our building to increase visibility. 

We invite you to participate in something transformative during the Siouxland Big Give this year by contributing to our project – updating signage around our building to increase visibility. Your donation will be a beacon of support for our organization, allowing us to enhance our presence in the Siouxland community. With improved signage, we can ensure that more people can easily find and access our vital resources and services. Your generosity will help us thrive and directly impact the lives of those we serve. Every donation, large or small, brings us closer to our goal of creating a stronger, more accessible community space. Join us in this endeavor, and let's make Siouxland an even more vibrant and connected place together. Thank you for your invaluable support!


Be sure to mark your calendar for Tuesday, October 3, and participate in the Siouxland Big Give! 

Past Projects

  • Operation Hydration Station

    Project Details

    At Center For Siouxland, our mission is to provide assistance, information, and direction to help people, empower lives, and build futures


    Our project for this year's Siouxland Big Give is upgrading our drinking fountain with a water bottle filling station — Operation Hydration Station.


    COVID has changed many things, including the way many people feel about drinking out of a community drinking fountain. The future of hydration starts with the water bottle filling station. The water bottle filling station not only keeps all the germs away, but it’s also environmentally friendly and budget friendly. No more buying cases and cases of bottled water every year! With the water bottle filling station, we’ll fill and re-fill our own water bottles. Our staff and volunteers will save some green and be green all at the same time!


    Be sure to mark your calendar for Tuesday, October 4, and participate in the Siouxland Big Give! 

  • Upgrading Technology

    Project Details

    At Center For Siouxland, our mission is to provide assistance, information, and direction to help people, empower lives, and build futures

    Our project for this year's Siouxland Big Give is upgrading our technology to better suit our clients, volunteers, and employees. 

    We all know how frustrating it can be when your computer, or any piece of technology, freezes or just won't work. This is why we have chosen our project of upgrading technology because we want to help people, empower lives, and build futures, without having to worry about technology glitches. 

    Be sure to mark your calendar for Tuesday, October 5, and be sure to participate in the Siouxland Big Give! 




  • To Help Cover Current and Future Pandemic Costs

    Project Details

    Since the pandemic began, Center For Siouxland has continued to serve our clients and the community. Now more than ever there are people facing job loss, living paycheck to paycheck, and carrying credit card debt month-to-month that need our help.

    The impact of COVID-19 has put America’s nonprofits at risk. Nonprofits are worrying about their employees’ health, innovating new ways to carry out their missions while practicing social distancing and making sure they have adequate cash flow.

    We have incurred increased costs for our supplies especially on high demand products like toilet paper, expanded cleaning and sanitization protocols, the purchasing of coronavirus testing and personal protective equipment and software like Zoom for video conferencing. We are anticipating a decrease in donations in the coming months and are not able to hold our annual Homeless to Home Sweet Home Fundraiser get together as scheduled. We will have it as our first ever virtual event.

    We are truly thankful for the generosity of our supporters. Your donation of any amount will assure that we can continue offering much-needed services during these difficult times.

  • Consumer Credit Counseling - Free Credit Reports and Reviews

    Project Details

    No matter what level of income you earn, handling credit is a necessary skill. Your credit report and credit score can affect your ability to purchase a home, rent an apartment, buy or lease a vehicle, find good insurance rates, or even get a new job. A credit report review is the first step towards stabilizing your credit. It is vital to check your credit report to protect yourself from fraud, inaccurate reporting and identity theft. With donations from the Siouxland Big Give, Center For Siouxland's Certified Consumer Credit/Housing Counselors will be able to pull a credit report at no charge and provide a complete overview and understanding of what's on that report. Our counselors will give feedback and guidance on ways to improve your credit worthiness all for FREE. 

  • Bridges West Transitional Housing Program

    Project Details

    Bridges West, a 22 unit project-based transitional housing facility. The program serves ALL homeless populations and subpopulations, except unaccompanied youth. Bridges West provides up to 24 months of shelter plus case management and supportive services for those who are facing the greatest barriers to obtaining and remaining in their own permanent housing. Our transitional housing model is effective for our program participants because in addition to providing safe, temporary shelter, the program includes weekly, on-site case management and other supportive services needed to help the homeless develop the skills needed to increase income and/or employment, obtain and maintain their own permanent housing, and become and remain self-sufficient and financially stable. This model also lets them experience community living and learn how to be a good renter before they get their own permanent housing. The Case Manager assesses and targets essential services through the initial Self-Sufficiency Matrix. The Matrix contains 18 life domains that assess the participant’s stability, strengths, and weaknesses in areas such as household finances, personal and family health/relationships, education/employment, childcare, parenting/life skills, and legal. Once completed, the Matrix is used to develop SMART goals and the client’s Individual Service Plan, and to determine which resources/services the client already receives as well as those which are needed. During subsequent case management appointments the Case Manager and the client continually evaluate, revise, and set additional SMART goals in the areas of greatest need. In order to monitor client needs as well as their progress toward self-sufficiency and program success, the Matrix is re-evaluated at least every 6 months and a final Matrix is completed upon program exit. Our staff maintain a list of service providers and stay current on the services they provide and the requirements for accessing their services so that after determining what services are needed, the Case Manager can inform the client and make referrals and provide contact information to appropriate service/mainstream benefits providers.

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