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This Year's Project: Welcome Home

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Our mission…Dedicated to building partnerships, strengthening families and alleviating the conditions and causes of poverty.

Every day, people walk through our doors that have suddenly become homeless, lost a job, are hungry, or face their utilities being shut off or even eviction. We have helped the most vulnerable people in our community for over 44 years. We provide multiple programs that bring federal, state and local resources to bear with the mission of building partnerships, strengthening families and alleviating the conditions and causes of poverty. We offer both short term assistance to help in times of crisis and long term programs that support low-income families on the path to self-sufficiency. 

The Community Action Agency is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization located in Sioux City, serving low-income Woodbury county residents and governed by a local board of directors that represent and advocate for the poor. 

For more information or contact Jean Logan, Executive Director or Kim Wilson, Chief Development Officer at 712-274-1610.


Current Project: Welcome Home

Community Action Agency of Siouxland serves more than 14,000 low-income individuals each year.  We do this through a number of programs including early childhood education, food assistance, emergency assistance, heating assistance, weatherization, transitional housing, senior employment training, child care nurse consultant, family development.  We also have a program that reimburses in home day cares with nutritious meals and snacks.

One of the programs that Community Action Agency of Siouxland runs is called Welcome Home. Since 2011, we have served more than 260 families.  In the eight Welcome Home apartments, families stay around 90 days. The objective of the program to provide temporary housing for homeless families while giving them intensive support to overcome barriers and most importantly, helping families obtain permanent housing.  Out of the families we have served, more than 238 of them have obtained new housing.  Many of these families are working, but not making enough to pay for rent.  Welcome Home provides shelter to allow families time and support to overcome obstacles such as unemployment or underemployment.

As the COVID pandemic grew, Welcome Home was forced to stop accepting new families into the apartments.  Due to some families being diagnosed with COVID-19 and influenza, families who were in the program were allowed to stay longer than the 90 days to prevent community spread.  We also had families who were dealing with financial hardships during the pandemic due to being laid off or being furloughed.  Under normal circumstances, families must pay a portion of their pay for program fees.  However, this was not possible due to lack of work or being ill.  Despite, the financial hardship this caused the program, we knew we had to do the right thing for our families and the community.

During this time, we have also experienced another unexpected financial set back.  While our families are at Welcome Home they meet with our Family Specialist who helps them with various resources in the community.  In addition to this, the Family Specialist normally would visit them daily in their apartment.  With the ongoing pandemic and illnesses, our employee could not perform these checks.  Unfortunately, as a result of this, we learned some tenants had caused damage to their apartments, leading to costly repairs and need for an exterminator to come. 

For more than a decade, Welcome Home has been helping families to stay together and to find permanent housing.  We want to continue to serve these families, but it is growing difficult as operating and repair costs grow.

Past Projects

  • New Mower!


    In the past year, Community Action Agency of Siouxland has helped to strengthen the lives of more than 15,000 elderly, children, youth and families in Siouxland.  We believe in providing short-term care and encouraging long-term change to those that need it most in Siouxland.  It is important that when people come to our nine Sioux City facilities that the grounds reflect the great work that is being done inside. For more than 15 years, we have mowed thousands of hours on our current riding lawn mower and it has taken its toll. Each time we mow, our grounds crew must take a least an hour out of their job to repair our mower.  We would like your help to purchase a new mower so we can keep our grounds looking great and fun to play on for our nearly 450 children that we serve.  We appreciate your ongoing support of Community Action Agency of Siouxland!       

  • Homeless Shelters, Health & Nutrition, Emergency & General Assistance & Early Childhood Programs

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