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This Year's Project: Calliope Village – Paint the exterior of the Carlson House

About Our Organization

The Hawarden Historical Society is continuing its mission to preserve and protect Hawarden's history. Our society sponsors and maintains historical sites like: Calliope Village, The Historical House, and the site where Sioux County was born. We are a volunteer organization that works entirely off of grant funding and fund raisers as well as mostly volunteer time.

HHS currently works to maintain Historic Calliope Village, a village replica of buildings and antique artifacts true to times gone by.  Many buildings and historical donations are specific to Sioux County and the Hawarden area.  HHS also manages the Historical House near downtown.

The ultimate goal of HHS is to preserve our history for generations to come and contribute to the quality of life by improving on the immentities that are an vital part of our community. 



Current Project: Calliope Village – Paint the exterior of the Carlson House

The Village now contains 19 buildings, most of which need painting every few years.  The Carlson House is next up for painting in 2024.  Because it is 2 stories, our plan is to outsource the job (scraping and painting).  Society members and volunteers will be available to help on the porch and first floor, but are looking forward to NOT climbing ladders.  Worker safety!  

The Carlson House was built in 1886 by Charles W. Patridge.  Charles Carlson bought the house in 1918 for $1720.  His family donated and moved the house to the Calliope Village in 1986. The 1st floor of the house has been furnished as a typical village home at the turn of the century.  A millinery shop and seamstress work area is found on the 2nd floor in the home. 

Past Projects

  • Calliope Village Post Office Building - Replace Sliding Door & Create Acrylic Barrier around Marquee

    Project Details

    Replace solid sliding door on the south side of the Post Office with the same french door that was just added this year on the north side.  This would give more visibility to the restored Sioux Theatre Marquee and would be much easier for the volunteers to open and close!!!   The current door is VERY heavy and is in major disrepair.  Also create a barrier around the Sioux Theatre Marquee to protect the neon lights - they are very fragile and each time there is a problem, we need to call SIoux Falls Neon to repair.

  • Interactive Tours

    Project Details

    The Hawarden Historical Society would like to make Calliope Village accessable to visitors no matter when they visit.  The concept of an interactive audio tour has been developed so each building will have a QR code on the outside of the building allowing visitors to scan the the code and hear about the history of the building and times. 

    Continued maintenance on buildings and landscaping projects are also in the works for next year as well as continuing to remodel the rest of the Calliope Store.

  • Project Details

  • Calliope Village Improvements

    Project Details

    After re-opening the Historic Calliope Store for it’s second season in 2019,  improvements to ground around the store are one of the projects being planned for the 2020 season.  Leveling of the ground, seeding and landscaping are the next step to further preserving the area known as Calliope Store. 


    The Suckow House, a staple of the Historic Calliope Village is in need of a new roof in 2020 and repairs also need to be made to the ceiling inside the building.   

  • Hawarden Historical Society Projects

    Project Details

    Hawarden Historical Society continues to operate the Historical Calliope Village and work towards the preservation of the former Hawarden City Hall designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. To date the inside of the building has been cleaned up, tuck pointing has been done and the historic original looking windows have begun to be replaced. We are raising funds to continue renovating and operating our historic village and the former Hawarden City Hall.

$1,125 Raised of $3,500 goal
$0 $3,500
4 Donors
Legal Name: Big Sioux River Valley Historical Society

PO Box 68
Hawarden , IA 51023

(712) 551-6986

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