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This Year's Project: Yard Tools

About Our Organization

The mission of Lila Mae's House is to provide a safe, healthy environment where adult survivors of sex trafficking can rest, heal, recover and develop life skills to become empowered, independent, self-sufficient women. Lila Mae's House offers a 24-month transitional living program that provides a safe, supportive and trauma-informed environment. Survivors will have coordinated care and assistance with medical needs, mental health, legal needs, education, job training and basic living skills like communication, conflict resolution, and help understanding boundaries, trafficking and trauma. We are a place where women who have been trafficking can regain their voice, dignity and security.


Current Project: Yard Tools

Lila Mae's House needs new yard tools to help with lawn care.  These tools will be very helpful for taking care of our property.

Thanks for donating. 

Past Projects

  • Doors

    Project Wrap Up

    Two new office doors and frames were installed at Lila Mae's House.  These doors provide staff the privacy anc security needed for their responsibilities. The funds raised from the 2022 were helpful in accomplishing this addition to our house. Thanks to those who donated in 2022.

    Project Details

    Lila Mae's House needs to replace two office sliding doors with wood doors that open/close and lock.  

    Lila Mae's House needs to replace a metal garage door.

    Costs include new framing and labor.

    36 in. x 80 in. Gray Right-Hand Fire Steel Prehung Commercial Door

    gray-primed-l-i-f-industries-commercial-doors-3rk-64.0   $402

    Prefinished Solid Core Wood Doors

     2 doors at $460 ea.1-3/4″ Thick, Solid Core Construction

    • Eliminates the issues of a field finished door – Save time and money!
    • UV Technology cured system provides high quality and durability

  • Four Wheeler with plow for snow removal

    Project Details

    The Lila Maes's House staff not only provide care and a theraputic environment for survivors, they assist to maintain our beautiful grounds. This year we are asking for your help to purchase a four wheeler with a snow plow. 

  • Computers for Learning Center

    Project Details

    Your donation will help us get 7 new computers to enhance independent learning capablilites for survivors of sex trafficking. The women will use the computers to learn new skills they need to live empowered, independent lives. 

  • Lila Mae's House

    Project Details

    Lila Mae's House needs your help! We are the only residential resource for sex trafficking survivors in Northwest Iowa. Many people find it difficult to believe sex trafficking happens in our area. The truth is dozens of women need help, and many more go unreported - right here in Siouxland! Lila Mae's House gives survivors in Siouxland a place of healing where they need it most, rather than forcing them to travel across the state (or farther) to get the assistance they need. We have space to accommodate 7 women. Our highly-trained staff are sensitive to the trauma survivors have experienced and are prepared to create a safe and healing environment. Lila Mae's House needs financial support to offer high-quality care for survivors including: access to high-quality medical, mental health and psychiatric care, trauma therapy, legal representation, financial management education, job training, cooking classes, and more.

$1,385 Raised of $1,000 goal
$0 $1,000
13 Donors
Legal Name: Lila Mae's House

PO Box 1281
Sioux City, IA 51102

(712) 365-2049

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