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This Year's Project: Education and Learning

About Our Organization

The mission of Mary J Treglia Community House is to welcome, educate, empower and advocate for new Siouxland families. For one hundred years, Mary J Treglia Community House has been welcoming Siouxland newcomers.

We believe cultural diversity strengthens our community. We strive to identify and respond to the needs of the immigrant population in Siouxland through education, services, advocacy, and celebration of diversity. Through these efforts, Mary Treglia Community House makes possible the self-sufficiency and empowerment of the individual.

Current Project: Education and Learning

MJTCH is seeking funds to assist the Preschool in completing its Library Lunch Room along with putting in additional safety measures in order to keep our children safe including Police Panic Buttons, covering for our outside fencing where the children can see out without others seeing in. Also, it is our hope to make a temporary wall permanent so that others can simply walk down a hallway and right into our PreSchool. Based on a recent health and safety inspection by the state of Iowa, we are very proud to share that we rank among the highest in safety ratings of all preschools in the Siouxland area. These small, but, important additions will help us remain in the top tier.

Our Library Lunch Room will be completed to include books in several languages as well as activities for the children to do around their lunch time. It will give them a space that is separate from their classroom. This allows the staff to continue to work on new experiences and developing new skills.

Finally, MJTCH shares this story of a child who, after attending our preschool, was placed in another center. The little girl struggled to adjust to her new environment. Her parents reached out asking for their daughter to return to Mary Treglia's Preschool. We welcomed her back with open arms. As time passed, the child's laughter echoed through our classrooms, her spirit thrived, and she embraced every learning opportunity with eager curiosity. Soon, with confidence, this bright young soul, was ready to spread her wings and take flight into the world of kindergarten. Mary Treglia's Preschool will always be a place of love, laughter, and learning, a home away from home for countless children and their families.

Past Projects

  • Continuing the Mission

    Project Details

    Our mission at Mary J. Treglia Community House is to welcome, educate, empower, and advocate for all new Siouxlanders. We see our mission through by responding to the needs of the immigrant population through our legal services, English Language Learning classes, Citizenship classes, translation services, and family/refugee assistance services. No day is the same here at Mary J. Treglia Community House and because of this, we are committed to addressing the barriers each of our clients may face. Our goal is for each individual we serve to feel empowered and self-sufficient. Each donation we receive helps another individual with reaching this goal. Please help us continue offering the essential services to the Siouxland community that we have since 1921. 

  • Support Afghan Refugees

    Project Details

    Nearly 6 million Afghans have been driven out of their homes and their country by conflict, violence, and poverty. We witnessed this violence intensify and spread throughout Afghanistan recently.  Since January, more than 550,000 Afghans have been forcibly displaced. Many people have suffered physical or emotional trauma as Afghanistan transitioned to Taliban rule.

    Having just experienced the loss of homes, communities, and livelihoods, newly arriving Afghans now face the challenges of resettling in a new country. Helping these families become part of their new communities will call for partnerships across government, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), businesses, faith-based groups, schools, healthcare providers, and community volunteers.

    Mary J Treglia Community House (MJTCH) has a long history of resettling refugee families and has agreed to assist up to 50 individuals from Afganastan to call Siouxland home.  With the help from you, we know these families will feel welcome, safe and will be able to begin their journey in making Siouxland the place they will thrive.  Please donate today.  

  • Social Distancing

    Project Details

    Help us "stop the spread" and keep everyone healthy and safe.  To do this we need access to portable phones and other tools.  

  • Education Programs at MJTCH

    Project Details

    Funds raised through the Siouxland BigGive will support the many education programs at MJTCH such as adult English Language classes, Preschool for 3-5 year olds, and educational workshops for our community. 

  • MJTCH Classes

    Project Details

    Our mission is to welcome, educate, empower and advocate for new Siouxland families. This funding will help increase outreach and help to support our preschool, family services, parent empowerment and educational programs. MJTCH has been in Siouxland for 98 years, welcoming, educating, empowering, and advocating for new Siouxland families. With additional funds, we will be able to offer additional classes in English Language Learning, Citizenship class, acclimation class, computer class and other skills that would assist our community. We would also be able to books for our students and have a more welcoming space for our students to learn. This funding will help increase outreach and help to support not only our educational programs, but also our family service department and preschool and parent empowerments. $30,000 will help us to provide educational services to more than 115 students in our year round programs. Each penny will be put to good use in serving Siouxland families.

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