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MISSION The Nebraska Indian Community College provides quality higher education and lifelong educational opportunities for Umonhon (Omaha), Isanti (Santee Dakota) and all learners. VISION Nebraska Indian Community College is envisioned as a comprehensive Tribal College which values service through high quality education. The college is distinctive in serving the diverse people of the Umonhon (Omaha) and Isanti (Santee Dakota) Nations. It features an enriched living and learning environment and year-round operation. The identity of the college is framed by a substantive commitment to multicultural learning. Institutional programs value and cultivate the creative and productive talents of learners, faculty, and staff, and seek ways to contribute to the self-sufficiency of the Nations served, the well-being of our communities, and the quality of life and development of its learners, faculty, and service areas. The overall goals of NICC: ● Prepare individuals for their roles as effective tribal members and citizens in a changing and complex environment. ● Integrate, revitalize and preserve Umonhon and Isanti culture throughout the college environment, including but not limited to: history, Umonhon language, Dakota language, games, songs, arts/crafts and the way of life. ● Expose students to and expand the mission driven curriculum in the arts, humanities, communication, sciences, mathematics, social sciences, and Native American studies. ● Build skills for lifelong learning. ● Provide an enhanced, sustainable, positive learning environment. ● Organize, manage, and finance higher education for NICC as a model Tribal College. ● Integrate learning in ways that cultivate an individual's understanding and ability to think about large and complex subjects, formulate and analyze valid concepts, solve problems, and clarify values. The Nebraska Indian Community College was founded in 1973 as the American Indian Satellite Community College under a grant from the Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education. The grant was administered through Northeast Technical Community College in Norfolk, Nebraska, to provide post-secondary education on the Omaha, Santee Dakota, and the Winnebago reservations. The American Indian Satellite Community College established classrooms and administrative offices in communities on each reservation, with the central office located in Winnebago. In 1979, the schools of the American Indian Higher Education Consortium, of which the Nebraska Indian Community College is a member, succeeded in persuading Congress to pass and fund Public Law 95-471, the Tribally Controlled Community College Act. Nebraska Indian Community College and other tribally controlled community colleges thus became eligible for direct funding from the federal government. With this newly available financial resource, the institution established itself as a fully independent two-year college. NICC was granted a charter by the governments of each of the Nebraska Indian tribes. In serving its clientele, Nebraska Indian Community College has had a substantial impact by making a variety of cultural, educational, and social resources available in isolated and economically underdeveloped areas. The college libraries at each campus are developing collections of resources important to the history and culture of each tribe, and the nation. In June of 1981, the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA) approved the college for accreditation at the associate degree granting level. The institution was granted a charter by each of the three Nebraska Indian Tribes. A Board of Trustees comprised of three members from each tribe was appointed by the individual Tribal Councils to govern the college. To reflect its independent status, the Board renamed the institution the Nebraska Indian Community College. In 1994, NICC was designated by federal legislation as a land grant institution. Today, NICC serves the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska, at the Macy Campus, and the Santee Dakota Nation, at the Santee Campus, and maintains a campus site in downtown South Sioux City, Nebraska.

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    The Nebraska Indian Community College offers associate degrees and certificate programs in seven different areas. The programs of study include transfer programs, General Liberal Arts; General Science Studies, Carpentry, Business, Early Childhood Education, Human Services, Native American Studies, Para-education, per-Nursing, and GED programming. The college also offers library and computer access services. The college is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The college is one of the lowest funded institutions of Higher Education in Nebraska while serving two of the poorest counties in the State. Over 80% of the college's students are eligible for PELL funding. The college is always searching for different avenues to increase the operational effectiveness of the college and the success rates of our learners. Any contributions would assist in these two main goals.

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