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This Year's Project: Pet Friendly Drinking Fountain at Hillview

About Our Organization

The Plymouth County Conservation Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage environmental education for future generations. We support development and enhancement of our conservation and recreation areas by seeking and receiving charitable donations.  All projects are completed within the jurisdiction of the Plymouth County Conservation Board.  Our Foundation works to connect with the community, especially schools and youth groups, to bring a love of nature and an understanding of conservation to each new generation.  Some of our projects have included a handicap accessible playground with interactive nature features, a bird watching blind and a disc golf course.

With the addition of 305 acres to Hillview Recreation Area the Foundation is excited to help expand our hunting areas and improve upon our already established hiking, biking and equestrian trails as well as add to our disc golf course and campground facilities. We have also been exploring the possibility of adding an equestrain camping area, shooting sports indoor and outdoor range and an additional fishing pond.

Current Project: Pet Friendly Drinking Fountain at Hillview

People are not the only visitors who get thirsty while enjoying the park and we recognize that. Our project this year, is to purchase and install a pet friendly drinking fountain at Hillview Park. The fountain we have chosen will have a dog dish at the bottom, two human drinking stations and a bottle filler on top. 

Past Projects

  • Firewood Vending Machine

    Project Details

    Picture this:

    It's moments before your perfectly planned weekend getaway. The camping equipment is packed and ready to go, bags, and the coolers are stocked. You're ready! As soon as the clock strikes quittin' time, it's time to hit the road! You've made all the calls and picked the perfect spot, and your friends are meeting up with you at the park. Finally, you get backed up into the ideal place; it's time to set up your weekend home. You've ensured your registration is all paid, and the lawn chairs have been precisely placed around the fire ring. The perfect camping weekend can now begin. The only thing left is to get the fire started. No worries, you're familiar with this park and know that the rangers stop by with firewood. The next thing you know, you're looking for the ranger to flag down, only to find a cloud of dust following the ranger's truck right out of the park. Well, there goes getting the fire started for dinner. Who knows how long it'll be before he gets back this way? So, do you leave the park to purchase wood or wait an unknown amount of time to get some from the ranger?

    Though our rangers are usually near our main parks, Plymouth County Conservation staff manages over 17 natural resource areas, with four campgrounds and over 50 campsites. That's a lot of ground for us to cover. The last thing our rangers want to see is unhappy campers, and that's why this year, Plymouth County Conservation Foundation is turning to you, Siouxland, to give our rangers more ways to be there for our park visitors.

    This year PCCF is asking for $10,000 in donations to fund a Firewood Vending Machine for the campgrounds at Hillview Recreational Area. The machine would consist of 31 locker compartments. Each compartment will hold a bundle of wood available to purchase through the system's point of sale. Campers would have the luxury of buying firewood at their convenience, eliminating the stress of watching for the ranger to stop by. This machine is not intended to replace our rangers; we'll still have that personal touch, but simply offers an immediate convenience of having firewood when needed.

    When getting that perfect camping weekend planned, you've got enough to worry about; let us take the hassle of rounding up firewood off your plate. 

  • Expanding Hillview

    Project Details

    Hillview is growing! 305 acres to be exact!

    We're coming close to completing our purchase agreement for the addition of 305 acres to Hillview Park. With the completion of our contract, we can begin to plan for future development to better serve Plymouth County. Many of you have had terrific suggestions for the property, trails, archery, equestrian camping, fishing, the list goes on and on. This year Plymouth County is participating in the Siouxland Big Give to raise funds for those future developments. We're looking into building a possible archery range with 3-D targeting trails. Equestrian camping has been a popular suggestion coming our way. Our goal is to provide environmental education opportunities for the county, while showcasing the natural beauty Plymouth County has to offer. 

  • Hillview Recreation Area Improvement Project

    Project Details

    Hillview Recreation Area Improvement Project

    In 2018 Hillview Recreation Area aquired 305 acres directly adjacent to it.  One of the first things done was fencing the bounderies and putting up park signage.  Last year we seeded rye grass as a cover crop, this fall it will be seeded with native grasses.   In the spring of 2020 we did a prescribed burn on 55 acres as well as planted a 10 acre food plot.  A crossing from the original park to the new area has also been constructed. A certain portion of this area will be open to hunting this fall.  Over time our plans include building hiking and riding trails, developing a fishing pond, opening more areas to hunting, expanding our disc golf course from 9 holes to 18, and possibly building an equine camping area.

  • Hillview Recreation Area Improvement Project

    Project Details

    Hillview Recreation Area just acquired an additional 300 acres directly adjacent to it. We are in the process of returning the land to its natural state by seeding it with native grasses as well as removing and replacing fencing. Over time we hope to build hiking and riding trails, develop a fishing pond, open more areas to hunting, expand our disc golf course from 9 holes to 18, and possibly build an equine camping area. 

$855 Raised of $3,555 goal
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