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This Year's Project: Building a Brighter Future: A Campaign for Rosecrance Jackson Centers

About Our Organization

Rosecrance Jackson Centers is a full-service behvioral health company.  It is the largest, free-standing, not-for-profit substance use treatment facility in the state of Iowa. For more than 40 years, Jackson's professional staff has provided a broad range of specialized care for adults, adolescents and families with substance use disorders, psychiatric conditions, co-occuring disorders, process addictions as well as behavioral issues.  We also provide primary medical care focusing on prevention and treatment in a recovery supportive manner.   

Current Project: Building a Brighter Future: A Campaign for Rosecrance Jackson Centers

Please read about our project below or watch our video! Building a Brighter Future Video.

When it comes to caring for behavioral health issues (substance use and mental health disorders), there is an urgent, unmet need in Siouxland and across the state. The state of Iowa faces a formidable behavioral health challenge. Substance use and mental health disorders have risen precipitously in recent years, while high quality treatment options are limited for some residents by geography, affordability, and an acute shortage of behavioral healthcare professionals. Consider the public health impact:



Increase in the rate of alcohol-involved deaths in Iowa from 2012-2021.[i]


Increase in substance abuse deaths from 2019-2021 among Iowans under 25 years old[ii]

1 in 4 (24%)

Iowa 11th grade students thought about killing themselves in the past 12 months (8th graders: 21%; 6th graders: 17%)[iii]


of adults in Iowa reported symptoms of anxiety or depression (Feb 2021).


were unable to get needed counseling or therapy.[iv]


Iowa 11th graders reported they have previously used marijuana. Between 1-3% reported using other drugs in the past 30 days.[v]


Profound increase in suicide mortality rate among American Indian/Alaskan Native peoples in Iowa from 2015-2020.

(Note: Race-specific suicide mortality rates among people in Iowa rose among all reported races during this period).[vi]

 Exacerbating this situation is a severe workforce shortage in the health care industry. Based on data from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, the Kaiser Family Foundation reports the state of Iowa has 118 Mental Healthcare Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs), resulting in just 38.2% of needs met.[vii] This scarcity of behavioral health treatment professionals impacts the availability of treatment options for those who seek services.

Behavioral health impacts are not limited to individuals. In the absence of quality, accessible behavioral healthcare, families and communities also suffer. Damaged relationships, incarceration, lost productivity, and increased healthcare costs are just some of the consequences of untreated substance use and mental health disorders. Today, Rosecrance Jackson Centers offers a solution—but we need your help to ensure the very highest quality, evidence-based care. Our Brighter Futures campaign is designed to enhance and expand services in Siouxland for all who seek treatment. With your support, Rosecrance Jackson Centers will create Brighter Futures for Siouxland residents, Iowans, their families, and our communities.

To address the behavioral health challenge in Siouxland and the state, Rosecrance Jackson Centers and its fundraising arm, the Rosecrance Foundation, have launched the Brighter Futures campaign. Our goal: provide the highest quality, evidence-based behavioral healthcare through a campus expansion project that includes:

1.     Building a new Therapeutic Recreation Resource Center

2.     Renovating an existing classroom to create a chapel

3.     Creating walking paths with outdoor group therapy spaces to connect campus buildings.

Our campaign will enhance Rosecrance Jackson Centers’ provision of behavioral healthcare with proven, sustainable, and holistic options that impact the whole person, as well as our community:

BODY: The Therapeutic Recreation Resource Center and walking paths will allow clients with behavioral health disorders to use new therapeutic recreational activities to enhance physical and mental health, functional abilities, independence, and quality of life. The Therapeutic Recreation Resource Center will provide space for group and team-building activities, sports and fitness, weight training, yoga, and other wellness activities.

MIND: The walking paths will be a half-mile, paved nature trail, providing new outdoor leisure and therapy spaces. When integrated into treatment, therapeutic recreation activities are shown to help improve mind-body connection, goal-setting skills, and regulation of mood, sleep, and appetite; reduce symptoms; and increase optimism and ability to manage stress—all of which contribute to increased rates of abstinence and sustained improved health.

SPIRIT: The new chapel will allow better incorporation of spirituality into treatment by providing a quiet sanctuary for worship, reflection, and mindfulness, which can enhance recovery by decreasing feelings of isolation and loneliness, increasing feelings of balance and stability, and helping identify purpose and meaning of life. Reliance on a higher power is a core component of the 12-step program—a foundational element of the Rosecrance treatment curriculum; the chapel will help clients explore and further that reliance as they move forward on their recovery journeys.

COMMUNITY: The Therapeutic Recreation Resource Center and the chapel will also increase services by newly enabling external community members and clients to attend onsite community groups, trainings, and supportive programming.

Rosecrance Jackson Centers is uniquely qualified to lead this campaign and serve the Siouxland community and the state of Iowa. Founded in 1976, our mission is to provide help, hope, and the best opportunity for lasting recovery to children, youth, adults, and families needing treatment for substance use and mental health disorders. As one of the largest non-profit addiction treatment programs in Iowa, we provide a continuum of care for more than 7,300 children, adolescents, and adults annually, and substance abuse prevention and education services to over 20,000 people per year.

Our continuum of care includes: assessments to determine the type of treatment needed; interventions for individuals and families; outpatient care; partial hospitalization; residential treatment; and half-way houses. Rosecrance Jackson Centers provides unique value through an extensive community network; access to higher levels of care throughout our system; connections to other service providers; and attention to serving high-risk, low-income individuals who cannot find treatment elsewhere.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse notes that the more risk factors a person has—including poverty—the greater the chance that taking drugs will lead to drug use and addiction and to untreated mental health and substance use disorders. In FY2022, the majority (78%) of clients served by Rosecrance Jackson Centers were covered by Medicaid or other public funding.

Rosecrance’s evidence-based practices are recognized as among the best in our field. We are proud to have earned the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval – widely understood nationwide as a symbol of quality reflecting an organization’s commitment to achieving higher performance standards.

[i] Iowa Department of Health and Human Services. Bureau of Health Statistics. Iowa Substance Abuse Brief: Alcohol Involved Deaths November 2022.

[ii] Iowa Department of Health and Human Services. Bureau of Health Statistics. Mortality Data.

[iii] Endres, Kyle, Ki Park, Mary E. Losch, Justine Radunzel & Erin O. Heiden. (2022). 2021 Iowa Youth Survey State ReportCedar Falls, IA: Center for Social and Behavioral Research, University of Northern Iowa.

[vii] KFF. State Health Facts. Mental Health Care Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs).

Past Projects

  • Fit for Recovery

    Project Details

    A key component for recovery is a clear mind and focus, but recovery is effected by more than just state of mind.  We are seeking funds for exercise equipment whiich will help our clients get physically "Fit for Recovery".  This will enable them to think clearer, feel stronger and be ready to meet each day with focus.  Our clients deserve to work out on quality health equipment to further their recovery.  

  • Children at Play

    Project Details

    This will be used to refinish the playground surfaces at the Women and Children’s Centers. it will provide a padded type surface for the children who are using these play areas.  This lines up with our mission and the number one priority of our wonderful and deserving children at Women and Children's Centers.

  • Riding for Recovery

    Project Details


    Our 2020 campaign is “Riding for Recovery”.  We will be utilizing all Big Give donations towards the purchase of a van.  This van will transport clients to doctor and other essential appointments and activities in the community.  This is an important component  for our clients in our residential services.


  • Jackson Recovery Centers

    Project Details

    Your gifts will help us to achieve our mission of saving lives and helping those that seek treatment find their path to recovery.  All money raised will support our programs and clients we serve. 

  • Expanding Eco-Mindfulness Program

    Project Details




    At Jackson, we believe in healing the whole person. Creating a connection to the environment around them is a key component to helping our patients identify and extend the “pause” between cravings and reacting to those cravings. Eco-mindfulness uses specific traditional therapeutic techniques combined with strategic exposure to nature to help with this.




    We have started the creation of our space that will be used. It currently is home to a community sweat lodge that was built and is utilized by our Native American friends in the community. Ideally, we will expand this area to include a 4 season gazebo for group sessions along with facilities for changing and bathrooms.




$10 Raised of $3,000 goal
$0 $3,000
1 Donors
Legal Name: The Rosecrance Foundation

800 5th Street, Ste. 200
Sioux City, IA 51101

(712) 234-2383

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