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This Year's Project: Baby/Toddler Music Class

About Our Organization

The Salvation Army provides a wide range of traditional social services and emergency assistance programs. Food, clothing, rent; utility & holiday assistance; youth, family, and senior services; and emergency disaster response are just some of the most common of ways in which we strive to meet the needs of the Siouxland community.

Current Project: Baby/Toddler Music Class

Research shows that, overall, babies who are introduced to and engaged in music early in their lives are more likely to develop other skills more quickly. One study from the Institute of Learning and Brain Sciences detected that after babies listen to music, the regions in their brain that oversaw processing music and speech looked vastly different. Music even plays a part in developing personality traits like helpfulness and cooperation. And some studies have even seen that babies transition to speaking quicker when they are introduced to music at an early age.

The Salvation Army of Siouxland is committed to developing the minds and bodies of babies and toddlers in our community. This program is free so children and parents/guardians from all walks of life can attend. 

The goals of Baby Song are:

1.      To aid parents in assisting their babies in language development and interaction through music

2.      Introduce opportunities for babies to experience developmentally appropriate songs, activities, and games

3.   Allow parents to learn and develop new parenting tips, techniques, and teaching opportunities

4.      Present families with activities and music that they can use at home throughout their child’s everyday activities

How does your donation help?

$5 will sponsor one child for a class (includes music time, playtime, and snacks)

$25 will supply instruments for 5 students to learn with

$40 will provide one child with a whole 8-week experience of Baby Song





Past Projects

  • Computers for Afterschool Program

    Project Details

    The Salvation Army is offering a free afterschool drop-in program for students grades 1st-8th to provide a safe place to complete homework, learn reading skills, and practice educational elements through computers and hands-on experiments. 

    According to Marilyn Heath, EdD, with the National Partnership for Quality Afterschool Learning, computers and access to the Internet provide tremendous opportunities for students in afterschool programs to reinforce reading, math, and writing skills as well as complete homework and school assignments.

    We currently do not have any computers available for children to access and would like to provide at least 5 computers for students to use during the afterschool program. We would also like to purchase a laptop storage cabinet to keep the computer safe while they are not in use.

    Project Purchases:
    - 5 New Laptops
    - 1 Storage Cabinet 

  • Holiday Food Boxes for Families

    Project Details

    The Salvation Army of Siouxland provides holiday food boxes each year to families in need. A holiday food box (Thanksgiving/Christmas) encourages families to come together around the table and enjoy a meal, conversation, and quality time. These food boxes include: 

    - Turkey/ham
    - Vegetables (green beans/corn)
    - Bread items
    - Stuffing
    - Macaroni & cheese
    - Potatoes
    - Dessert 
    - Milk
    - Butter

    By donating $25, you will supply one holiday food box for a family of 4. Our goal this year is $1,000 - which will fully fund 40 families with a box.


    Project Details


    Every Child Deserves a Merry Christmas

    This year more then ever we need you help.

    About Angel Tree:

    Every year, The Salvation Army of Siouxland provides Christmas gifts to more than 1,500 children through the Angel Tree program. This year with the increase of those in need due to job loss or cut in hours we expect to serve 2,ooo+ children (1,000+ families). Without Angel Tree, many of these children would otherwise have very little or nothing to open on Christmas morning. However, thanks to the generosity of our community, these Angels will have a merry Christmas! Angel Tree gives individuals and partnering corporations an opportunity to "adopt" less fortunate children and provide them with personalized gifts and necessities. Angel Tree’s are located through out the Siouxland are from Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve filled with Angel tags representing children’s wish lists. While so many wonderful Siouxlanders adopt these Angel’s many tags go unfilled.

    How you can Help:

    The Salvation Army is asking for monetary donations to make sure every Siouxland Child has a wonderful Christmas. Funds raised will be used to purchase toys, clothes and food to fulfill the wishes and needs of children whose Angel Tags were not filled. Will you help us ensure every child has a Merry Christmas?

    Families of Angel’s also receive a Complete Christmas Dinner to prepare.

    The Salvation Army also provides Christmas gifts to thousands of Seniors across the Siouxland at area nursing homes.

  • Salvation Army Community Food Programs

    Project Details

    Salvation Army Community Food Programs: Food Pantry & Holiday Baskets (Current Program) Households can receive food from the Food Pantry up to Once per Month. Dry, Canned, Frozen, refrigerated, and fresh foods are available. The Food Pantry is open Monday through Friday. Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Meals are supplied to those in need. Budget: Food: $78,000 Holiday Food Baskets: $22,000 Total: $100,000 Fresh Food Initiative: (New Program as of 07/31/18) During the Summer and fall months every Tuesday Morning we set up a Produce, bread and dairy tent in the parking lot of The Salvation and distribute these food products to the Community. Thousands of pounds of food are distributed most of which cost us little to nothing to provide through our partnership with the Food Bank of Siouxland. Budget: Food and food related items: $5,000 Transportation: $1,000 Total: $6,000 Free meal Program: (New Program to start this fall provided funding can be obtained) Starting October 2018 The Salvation Army will be serving the Community by serving a hot lunch Monday through Friday from 11:30am till Noon. Participates will also have access to free food to take home and prepared for meals not enjoyed at The Salvation Army. Budget: Food and food related items: $39,000 ($150 per meal x 5 meals a week x 52 weeks) Cook: $20,000 (Prepares and serves food. Oversees volunteers) Glass 2-Door Commercial Refrigerator: $2,000 Glass 2-Door Commercial Freezer: $3,000 Total Budget: $64,000 Emergency Disaster Services: (Current Program) When disaster strikes, one of the first signs that help is on the way is often the arrival of a Salvation Army mobile feeding unit, offering meals, snacks and drinks to rescue workers and survivors. Budget: Food and food related supplies: $8,000 Equipment: $1,000 Fuel and Maintenance: $1,000 Total Budget: $10,000

$717 Raised of $1,527 goal
$0 $1,527
8 Donors


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Central Bank
Legal Name: The Salvation Army

1415 Villa Ave, PO Box 783
Sioux City, IA 51103

(712) 255-8836

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