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This Year's Project: Empowering Youth for a Brighter Tomorrow: Join Us in Making a Difference

About Our Organization

Sky Ranch Behavioral Services is a non-profit agency with long-standing roots in Siouxland. Since the late 1980s, we have provided in-home services to youth ages 4-21 in the Siouxland area. We work hand in hand to collaborate with other providers and support systems in our clients' lives including therapists, Juvenile Court Services, Department of Human Services, area schools, etc. Behavioral Health Services are provided to children and their families in the comfort of your home and if appropriate, in our office or at school. Sessions are held weekly and aim to develop social skills including coping and internal control to address the following commonly presenting issues:

-Conflict  -Anger  -Stress  -Impulsivity  -Anxiety  -Family Concerns  -Emotional Regulation -Communication  -Relationships  -Depression  -Self-Esteem  -Body Image

We are licensed to provide Level 1.0 outpatient services for substance use and problem gambling. We offer assessments, individual and group sessions, prevention and early intervention, recovery coaching, and peer mentoring. We also provide OWI Assessments and the 12-Hour State Mandated Education Course for OWI offenders.

We recently are celebrating achieving Chapter 24 accreditation and are excited to begin offering outpatient psychotherapy and counseling. More news to come on that!

Current Project: Empowering Youth for a Brighter Tomorrow: Join Us in Making a Difference

We are excited to participate in The Siouxland Big Give not just as an agency but as a community committed to transforming the lives of our most vulnerable members: the youth and adolescents struggling with substance use issues. This year’s project is an exciting opportunity to support our non-profit agency that is going above and beyond to provide a brighter future for our young generation.


The Problem: Siouxland and our nation as a whole face a crisis—an escalating epidemic of substance use among our youth. The statistics are alarming: from alcohol to drugs, countless young lives are being derailed, dreams shattered, and futures compromised. Traditional approaches have often fallen short, leaving many feeling helpless and without hope.


Our Vision: At Sky Ranch Behavioral Services, we envision a world where every youth and adolescent struggling with substance use issues is not only provided with comprehensive support but is also empowered to reclaim their lives, dreams, and potential. We believe in going above and beyond to create lasting change, and we invite you to be part of this journey.


Our Approach:

1.     Holistic Support: Unlike many other agencies, we take a holistic approach to healing. We don't just address addiction; we address the root causes, including mental health issues, trauma, and social determinants of health. Our programs are designed to heal the mind, body, and soul.

2.     Youth-Centered Programs: We put the needs and aspirations of our young clients first. Our programs are tailored to their unique challenges, interests, and goals. We provide a safe space for self-expression and personal growth.

3.     Family Involvement: Substance use issues affect the entire family. We offer services to ensure that the entire support network is engaged in the recovery process.

4.     Community Integration: We understand the importance of a supportive community. We actively work with schools, local agencies, and community leaders to create an environment where our youth can thrive and find meaningful connections.


Our Impact: Since our inception, we have witnessed remarkable transformations. Success stories include young individuals who have not only overcome addiction but have gone on to pursue their dreams and become leaders in the recovery community. We measure success not just by sobriety but by the realization of potential and dreams.


Why We Need Your Support: While we are proud of our achievements, the need for our services continues to grow. The challenges are immense, and we can't do it alone. Your support can help us expand our reach, offer expansive ways to meet both basic and complex needs of our youth and families, develop innovative programs, and provide a lifeline to those who have lost hope.


How You Can Help: Your generous donations will directly impact the lives of our youth. Every dollar goes towards providing essential services and support. Our counselors often spend their time and resources to involve our youth in experiences they may not otherwise have including retreats, out-of-town large-scale recovery meetings, ensuring academic and school attendance needs are met, and providing exposure to employment opportunities. These few examples of how we strive to go above and beyond truly make an impact on the successes of our youth and our community's future.


Conclusion: In closing, we are not just asking for your support; we are inviting you to join us in changing lives and reshaping futures. Together, we can empower our youth to overcome the grip of addiction and become the vibrant, promising individuals they were meant to be. Let us be the light that guides them on the path to a brighter tomorrow. Thank you for your time and consideration. Together, we can make a difference!

Past Projects

  • Client Winter and Employment Needs

    Project Details

    At SRBS, we inspire and motivate change within individuals and families along their recovery and healing journey toward balanced, W.H.O.L.E. health living.

    Well-being and

    Holistic Healing for


    Lifelong Living


    In an effort to encompass W.H.O.L.E. health living, we aim to help our clients meet basic needs alongside providing mental, behavioral, and substance use services. We are seeing an increased desire in our clients to obtain employment and many have the desire to achieve independence (exciting, right?!). With this comes the added financial stress of obtaining interview attire and workplace uniforms and footwear. This year, we are seeking funds to help meet these needs of our clients with the overarching goal of successfully launching them into the workforce. For our younger clients, we are seeking funds to purchase winter gear including coats and boots as the winter season is quickly approaching. 

  • Access to Services

    Project Details

    Sky Ranch is in the process of getting another provider credentialed in Substance Use services to provide assistance to those in need. The agency is looking to expand our reach and help clients gain access to our services. Because our clients and potential clientele often struggle with accessing resources to meet their needs independently, funding from Siouxland Big Give will allow the agency to reach the seemingly unreachable. Sky Ranch historically has gone above and beyond for our clients and this funding will facilitate our ability to continue doing so into the future.

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