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This Year's Project: Sunrise Tranquil Gardens

About Our Organization

Sunrise Retirement Community is Siouxland’s only locally based 501(c)(3) non-profit senior care community. Governed by a local Board of Directors, Sunrise has been serving seniors from Sioux City and the surrounding area since 1959.

We promote our mission every day: Caring Deeply. Connecting Daily. Leading Boldly. Serving Faithfully. Our vision is to be forward-thinking and person centered. Sunrise Retirement Community is recognized as Siouxland's highest quality, most active and comprehensive senior living community of choice. The Sunrise mission is exemplified through the benevolent care we provide our residents. Through the years we have provided millions of dollars in charity care, and in 2022 alone we provided over $800,000. 

We offer the following living options:

  • Medicare Skilled/Rehabilitation Services
  • Nursing Memory Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Assisted Living-Memory Care
  • Independent Living apartment homes & condos
  • Affordable Housing for Seniors

Current Project: Sunrise Tranquil Gardens

Imagine the peacefulness of enjoying a garden full of beautiful flowers as you listen to the soothing sounds of singing bowls. At Sunrise, we know that meditation and time spent outside is so beneficial for our residents. We also know that activities like tending a garden help seniors live an active purposeful life.  

We are looking to purchase eight wheelchair accessible raised garden beds and sound healing singing bowls. Singing bowls are crystal or metal bowls that release different tones and vibrations when struck. We will place the raised garden beds in each of our gardens around campus including memory care, assisted living memory care, nursing and independent apartments. 

Our Wellness Director Lisa already leads our seniors in meditation and breathing exercises and we know that adding sound healing to our program will help relieve stress, enhance mood and boost brainwaves. 

Past Projects

  • Connecting Daily- Campus Network Upgrade

    Project Details

    Please help us with the necessary network upgrade in our community. The total cost for the upgrade will be $35,000 and we hope you will help us raise the first $5,000 of this project. Technology affects campus and our residents in so many ways from providing excellent care to our seniors connecting with their loved ones. 

    Technology Ways we work Electronic health records have been in place for years—so when Sunrise residents move from one care level to another, their health data moves with them seamlessly. Beyond the Sunrise campus, we now have enhanced systems that connect with local hospitals to provide easier access to information on new and returning residents. And as we have navigated the pandemic, technology has ensured secure systems for everything from data transfer to telehealth appointments that keep our seniors safe.

    Technology Ways we communicate Thanks to new technologies, it’s easier for people to travel yet keep in touch across the miles. More of our residents are using their phones or tablets for video calls with their children or grandchildren than ever before. For seniors who don’t have family close by, or for loved ones who can’t visit due to illness, technology is a critical tool to keep everyone connected.

    Technology Ways we play Sunrise residents have embraced technology and the new opportunities it has created. Our seniors use personal electronic devices to watch movies and play word or card games to keep their minds active and strong. And with our “It’s Never 2 Late” system, residents borrow tablets to watch TV shows from years gone by, take virtual travels, play games tailored to their preferences, and engage in other meaningful content.

    Technology What’s next? “Connecting daily” is key, and technology helps us fulfill that critical part of our mission. In the coming year, we want to further improve technology at Sunrise. Specifically, we want to enrich 1. how we connect to provide better care, and 2. how we help residents connect with their families and the world around them. Enhanced technology will impact every aspect of life at Sunrise—from activities to telehealth appointments to regular video chats—so we’re making it the primary focus of future fundraising efforts. Will you connect with us to make a difference in this important work?

  • New ADA Wheelchair Accessible Van

    Project Details

    We have an immediate need to replace our oldest van: a 2005 Dodge Caravan. This van is rusted and is continually needing expensive repairs and it is no longer economically feasible to further invest in maintenance and repairs.  We have raised $15,000 from a MRHD grant toward the purchase but need your help to raise additonal funds.

    We provide necessary medical transportation services to all 260 residents who reside on our campus. Approximately 1/3 of our resident population is on Medicaid (Title 19) and do not have the resources to contribute to the cost of transportation.

    Our greatest transportation need is the ability to transport residents to and from their medical appointments. To meet our medical transportation needs alone, we need 2 wheelchair accessible vans.

    Before the pandemic, on an average week, Sunrise transported 50 residents to and from physician appointments and we fully expect to return to that number of appointments soon. It is not unusual for both vans to be transporting residents to physician appointments at locations on opposite sides of the city at the same time of day.

    The effects of pandemic-related social isolation have been felt by nearly all our seniors. Social isolation and loneliness are well-known risk factors in the mortality rate for seniors with advanced age, or who may already be at risk due to health conditions. As we prepare for the day our residents can return to normal social activities outside of our community, we must have working and reliable transportation. We expect the end of the pandemic will come with an increased demand for social transportation services, including shopping, concerts/events, transportation to church services and social outings.  Entire campus social outings for skilled, assisted and independent residents require the use of both vans, as well as our 12-passenger bus.

    Follow our Facebook on Oct. 5th for our Siouxland Big Give Staff Challenge Day! Our staff will be live streaming fun challenges as we meet fundraising goals. More information coming soon!

  • Benevolent (Charity)Care Fund

    Project Details

    In 2017 Sunrise Retirement Community provided more than $1.2 million in charity care.  While residents do have to pay what they can to help cover the cost of care, there is often a period of time where their resources are depleted but they have not qualified for assistance from Medicaid.  The cost of care during this time, as well as the difference between the State reimbursement (Medicaid/Title 19) and the actual cost of providing care (more than $50 per day), are unreimbursed by any source yet care is provided as charity care.

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